Please find below a selection of revision resources to support students in preparing for the Year 11 GCSE English Literature paper.  The resources cover the text “An Inspector Calls” as well as conflict and power poetry.

Also below you will find a “Final Messages” Powerpoint with some last minutes words and guidance from the English Department. If students have any questions or need any further help they are encouraged to speak to their English teacher.

Good Luck to all our students with their exams.

English Language Paper 1 revision

Mark Scheme & Possible Questions

Bleak House

Jack Maggs

Kite Runner

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English Language Paper 2 revision

Possible questions

Touching the void
war torn paper

Revision Clocks

Revision for Literature Paper 1

Key words
Mark schemes
Possible questions
Jekyll and Hyde
Sample question 1 Ch 1 Presentation of Utterson Sample question 10 Ch 9 Lanyon Sci and Knowledge Sample question 11 Ch 10 Character of Jekyll Sample question 12 Ch 10 First change Sample question 13 Ch 10 Sin and evil Sample question 14 Ch 10 Identity Sample question 15 Ch 10 Struggles with conscience Sample question 16 Ch 10 Ending Sample question 2 Ch 1 Hyde Juggernaut Sample question 3 Ch2 Uttersons dream tension and fear Sample question 4 Ch 2 Hyde Frightening outsider Sample question 5 Ch 4 Danvers murder Good and evil Sample question 6 Ch 4 Urban terror Sample question 7 Ch 8 J at window Sample question 8 Ch 8 Foreboding Js house Sample question 9 Ch 8 Ive seen him Gothic mystery Template for writing fake questions
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Revision for Literature Paper 2

Key words
Mark scheme
Possible questions
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Revision guide

Spoken Language Endorsement