Student Leadership

At Benton Park School we believe that students should be given a varied range of opportunities to develop and practise leadership skills in preparation for life beyond school. Detailed below are just a few of the initiatives we offer to our students to strengthen their leadership abilities.  Ideas are developed as the result of a group of students, teachers and support staff working together to identify what is right for our school. Many Student Leadership activities will focus on supporting the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom whilst also reinforcing the school’s ethos to create a climate for great learning, success and opportunity. Through trying new things, finding solutions and embracing responsibility our leaders will ensure the voice of the student body is heard.

Aims of our Student Leadership Programme

  • To empower students to work in partnership with staff and peer groups towards shared goals.
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through a variety of inspiring, challenging and valued projects which impact positively on teaching and learning, in addition to the well-being of students and staff around school.
  • To prepare students for Higher Education and for achieving personal and professional excellence in life.
  • To facilitate the implementation of ideas proposed by the general school population.

Our Student Leadership programme provides;

  • Formal and informal learning opportunities to develop individuals as leaders.
  • Processes and structures for student representation and the incorporation of students’ views into decision making in the life of the school.

School will;

  • Provide a Student Leadership badge so all members of our community can easily identify student leaders around school.
  • Provide a range of participation and leadership opportunities, which cater for all students in the school.
  • Maximise the number and range of students undertaking leadership roles.
  • Provide recognition of all Student Leadership roles.
  • Encourage the development of student participation and leadership skills through classroom practice by using the skills developed across all Key Stages.
  • Develop ways to ensure equity amongst all students.
  • Celebrate the achievements of all students.

Student Leader expectations

Student Leaders are the school’s role models. All leaders need to work hard to reach our school expectations of good behaviour, above 95% attendance, punctuality; students also need to be in full and correct school uniform. As a Student Leader you will be required to wear your Student Leadership badge at all times, and complete at least one duty per half term during the school day.

What Personal Qualities do I need?

  • You should like working with and talking to other students.
  • You should be able to build good working relationships with staff.
  • You should want to make a lasting impact at school and be involved in decision-making.
  • You should be able to work well in a team.
  • You should be polite, mature, responsible and reliable at all times.

What are our Student Leadership working on?

An example of a student leadership activity is when they took part in a fantastic event organised by Leeds City Council at Prince Henry’s Grammar School, Otley. The event was held to ensure student voice was taken into account as Councillors entered a bid to fund new and existing services for children around Leeds. Handpicked students from our cluster area of schools were thrown into the ‘Dragons Den’ and given a remit to dream up new and exciting project ideas to help keep our local children entertained at evenings and weekends. Ideas included sport camps, treasure hunts and performing arts groups amongst many more. Students had a great time engaging in a thoroughly democratic process and voting for their favourite activity, which hopefully will be funded by the council before the end of the year.

On an on-going basis, our student leaders are involved in our staff recruitment process by sitting on a student interview panel. Students ask candidates a series of questions as well as give prospective teaching staff school tours.

This is just a small snapshot of the things our student leaders are involved in. We will continue to keep you updated on this webpage as to the other varied and exciting projects and opportunities our incredible Student Leaders have been engaging with.

This really is a fantastic opportunity for our students and they really do make a difference to the life of the school.