Careers Programme

Careers Programme and Progression From Benton Park School

We offer a careers programme in school for all students from Year 7 to Year 13.  This is led and managed by our Careers Leader, Oliver Wharton and involves a wide program of activities.

Contact details for our Careers Leader are as follows:

  • Telephone: 0113 2502330
  • Email: Please mark emails for the attention of Oliver Wharton.

At Benton we believe in every student fulfilling their potential and this relentless drive for success is just as noticeable in our hopes and expectations for students’ next steps as it is during lessons. We have a very proud record of students achieving places at top Universities and positions with top employers.

Every possible option is catered for as part of our progression guidance and as opportunities outside of University begin to mirror those inside it, we always ensure we provide correct, timely, supportive intervention that is based on the students’ needs and aspirations.

Full information about our Careers Programme can be found in our policy available here.  This provides a full breakdown of the careers offer for each year group.

As part of our full careers offer and to support in fulfilling the expectations of the ‘Baker Clause’ in respect of access to information regarding technical education providers, we also arrange for students in Years 7-13 to hear from a technical education / apprenticeship provider each year.

To support with our work we also engage the services of a specialist careers provider C & K Careers.  Each year impact of this partnership is evaluated, and details from the July 2022 survey can be found below.

Our next scheduled review is September 2023


How is impact of the programme measured?

Student engagement with careers activities is tracked using a tracking and reporting tool contained within our online careers portal ( This allows us to track our provision against the Gatsby Benchmarks. Students are also asked to rate the careers provision that they have received over the course of the school year via a questionnaire set in MS Teams at the end of each academic year. Outgoing Year 11 students will also be offered the opportunity to provide feedback through a review co-ordinated by our CEIAG Advisor. All of this information is used to identify strengths, gaps and weakness in provision and to complement the indicators we get from our Post-16 and Post-18 destination data.

Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance Provider Access Policy
Review of C & K Careers - July 2022

Careers Adviser: Danny Manning

What do Year 11s think of the service provided by C+K?

During the Summer Term Careers Advisers surveyed the Year 11 cohort to gather feedback on the service provided by C+K Careers and their Careers Adviser. This year we also asked for feedback about C+K’s new website, MyDirections, which was launched in September 21.

Students were invited to complete the survey via year 11 Teams. Students were incentivised to complete the survey with a prize draw for a £100 Love to Shop voucher. 61 students completed the survey, although we feel this represents a good sample size, we would like to improve on this number next year and plan to work more closely with year 11 tutors to raise awareness.

Below is a summary of the results.

Have you had contact with your Careers Adviser?

Of the 61 students 7 skipped this question but of the ones that answered 53 (96%) said they had had contact and 2 (4%) said they hadn’t, cross checking the names of students who responded against records all those who responded were seen at some point, so the 2 who said they have had no contact have either unfortunately forgotten or selected the wrong option.

If yes, what contact have you had with your Careers Adviser during Year 10/11?

Again 7 skipped this answer with 55 answering the question, below are their responses.

Face to face interview: 69.09%
Group interview: 41.82%
In a class: 3.64%
In an assembly: 20.00%
Lunchtime or after school drop in: 3.64%
Email/text/phone call: 12.73%

Have you had enough contact with your Careers Adviser?

Once again 7 students skipped this question of the 55 that did answer, below are the results:

Yes, I feel I have had enough contact: 92.73%
No, I feel I would have like to see them more: 7.27%

Of the 4 who answered no, 3 answered the follow up question (If no, did you know how to get in touch with your careers adviser for further support?) with yes, so either they didn’t feel confident enough to ask for the support, or didn’t think it was available at a convenient time for them. This year we plan to both advertise better how and when students can arrange an appointment as well as look at introducing a more structured booking system. Better highlighting the option to drop in at break and lunch may also improve this.

Did you receive support at the right time to help you make decisions about the future?

Of the students who answered the question these were the responses:

Yes: 94.55%
No: 5.45%

of those who selected no, 2 gave further information

one student replied with “I received support after many sixth form and college deadlines” this is something we have already identified as an issue with some students who were seen later and will be addressed in the coming academic year. The other student said “Just a little later, once i figured out i wanted to go to college” this suggests the student would have liked another appointment, and they were one of the three students who said they hadn’t had enough contact, but did know how to ask for further support. As highlighted above, a more structured approach to allowing students to book appointments as well as more frequent advertisement of this should help avoid this type of issue.

Overall, how satisfied have you been with the help and support you received from your Careers Adviser?

Below are the answers given by those who answered this question:

Very satisfied: 36.36%
Satisfied: 60.00%
Not satisfied: 1.82%
Very dissatisfied 1.82%

Some of the positive feedback included:

“In both the face-face interview and group interviews the discussions were very useful and the careers advisor knew exactly what we were looking for and where to find that information. My careers advisor not only helped me with my sixth form options but as well as next steps for university and getting a job, I feel because of these in-depth discussions I have understood which is the best path for me to take in order to get where I want to be.”

“My careers advisor gave me an in-depth description of what qualifications I would need to do specific courses and what qualities certain employers may look for”

Find out how our Careers work has supported students in 2022/23.

As well as individual interviews we have done lots of talks to students on different industry sectors and supported them with their work on our careers platform


 MyDirections Careers Portal

All students in school have access to the MyDirections careers portal, provided by C&K Careers. This website provides personalised and impartial careers advice and guidance for students to engage with in order to help them decide their future options. There is an ever increasing number of student activities that they can complete, as well as job/career information and virtual work experience placements.

Student logins follow the format:


Email Address: school email address (e.g.

Password: 12345678 (they will be prompted to change this once they log in)