Values & Ethos

Our Vision and Values

Our school vision:

‘Creating a climate for great learning, success and opportunity’

We do this by:

  • Building a resilient community in which everyone can thrive.
  • Creating a collaborative learning environment in which all succeed.
  • Providing inspiration for all to achieve their potential.
  • Showing compassion to the needs and interests of all.
  • Overcoming challenges through endeavour and courage.


Our relentless focus on effective Teaching and Learning and mentoring ensures we secure excellent outcomes and academic progress for our students to enable them to access the next phase of their educational journey.

Through celebrating the achievements and successes of our students we aim to foster student motivation, resilience and aspirations.  Whether through the awarding of stamps, rewards trips, celebration assemblies or a positive comment in the student planner we celebrate the positive aspects of school life.

At Benton Park we ensure that students have a strong sense of belonging.  Alongside this our excellent pastoral team ensures that students are well cared for and enjoy school life.  This enables our students to be successful in a safe and secure environment.


“Leaders are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for all students” Ofsted


“Students demonstrate consistently high standards of behaviour in lessons and around school” Ofsted