Our aim is to encourage students to develop good working and study practices in preparation for work and independent learning. We want students to succeed and develop as individuals.

Success at A-Level is highly dependent upon regular attendance and students should be punctual, both to school and to all classes. In the Sixth Form students will be treated as young adults and we expect students to act responsibly as role models for all younger pupils.

There is a clear collation between attendance, effort, attitude and success in post 16 studies As such attendance, punctuality, achievement, effort and uniform are monitored closely through our ‘standards for learning’ system.  Any behaviour incidents are logged electronically and tutors and members of the Sixth Form team are alerted.  Throughout students, parents and carers and staff are kept fully abreast of students’ performance in order to best support them.

There are clear pathways for those students that do not live up to our expectations as there are rewards for those that do.