Independent Learning and Homework

At Benton Park School our aim is to develop independent and confident learners with the resilience to tackle challenging tasks by themselves.  We know that setting homework which promotes these independent learning skills is vital if we are to prepare students fully for their assessments and examinations. The purpose of homework is very clear: to consolidate learning, deepen understanding and prepare students effectively for future lessons. Homework will be linked directly to progression models and will be set daily according to the timetable below.

Homework has a number of important benefits for students:

  • It promotes essential independent learning; helping students learn to regulate their time and prioritise key topics.
  • It reinforces classroom based learning; allowing time for reflection and application of learning/skills.
  • It helps students to develop revision strategies and practice – essential skills for their terminal examinations.
  • It is an extension of the learning that has taken place in the lesson; allowing students to make links between subjects/topics and complete independent research.
  • It teaches them the importance of meeting deadlines and being well prepared for the world of work.


Day Subject
Monday English
Tuesday Humanities
Wednesday Science
Thursday Languages
Friday Maths

All homework should be written into student knowledge organisers and deadlines for completion included. Please support us in encouraging your child to complete these homework tasks to the very best of their ability.  As parents/carers you can help by:

  • Providing a quiet place for them to work.
  • Asking them to explain to you what they need to do.
  • Reading through the completed homework.
  • Checking their knowledge organiser to see which homework tasks they have completed and when the deadlines are.
  • Letting school know if you have any issues with the amount or quality of homework set.

Homework tasks will normally take the same form of read, cover, write, check their knowledge organiser. Homework tasks could be set in a variety of other ways for subjects not listed above, or additional homework set for the subjects above.

If support is required with any of the homework set,  please contact us at school to discuss this and we will do our best to support your child.