Science Curriculum Intent and Values

All students leave Benton Park as research ready scientists with an enquiring mind. They can understand and apply the scientific process (theory – hypothesis – experiment – analysis – evaluation) to new concepts in the wider world.  No matter what their future career and occupation, students are equipped with the skills to thrive in a changing world and explore new ventures.

A research ready Benton Park Scientist:

  • Recalls fundamental concepts within science and records accurate measurements from scientific instruments.
  • Explains key scientific ideas fluently and explains reasons behind the steps in experimental procedures.
  • Articulates links between their learning across all the specialisms within science and analyses data and links conclusions to explain real life phenomenon.
  • Connects their learning to explain abstract real-life phenomenon and critically evaluates the reliability and accuracy of experimental procedures and data.

Values in Science:

In Science, students:

  • Develop resilience by problem solving and learning how to apply multiple equations to solve real life problems.
  • Collaborate with each other to develop team skills and strategies in experimental practicals and research projects.
  • Are inspired by the range of great Scientists we expose them to such as Maggie Aderin Pocock, while finding inspiration in how people of different backgrounds are working towards creating sustainable living.
  • Develop compassion through studying how our everyday actions are impacting our environment and what we can do to reduce this and make a more sustainable world.
  • Endeavour to plan and conduct rigorous and reproducible experimental investigations to test scientific hypotheses.