Programmes of Study

In order to support you in maths throughout your time at Benton Park School the 5 year programme of study is available for everyone to access below. In order to fully utilise these documents please play them in presentation mode. By selecting a tier this will take you to the year map for each year group. By selecting a broad topic area this will link to the key objectives taught during that period. If at any time you are lost in the document please just click the home button in the top left hand corner.  These documents will help to prepare for upcoming topics, or exam revision.

GCSE Revision

Please find below the revision checklists and instructions on how to use them in the revision instructions document for GCSE Maths. Students should make use of the Corbett maths website to access explanatory videos, textbook exercises and practice exam questions. This can be accessed using the following link

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to your Maths teacher who will be happy to help.