Music Curriculum Intent and Values

The priority for our music curriculum is to develop a passion for the subject. We want all students to be inspired by their peers, world class musicians and the enthusiastic knowledgeable staff who encourage, support and believe that music is for all. We aim to develop confident musicians/ young people who feel the department is a safe environment where they can express themselves musically. Students are given numerous chances to perform in public and take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

We encourage musicians in the department to work independently, be motivated to practise and be resilient. They should be rightly proud of their work. The music department is a creative space where students and staff are not afraid to try new musical concepts.

Collaboration between students of all ages and staff is encouraged to enable the sharing of skills and experience. Students experience a wide range of genres and musical cultures; are able to talk about music fluently using the correct terminology and develop a sound knowledge of the relevant theory. There are opportunities to watch professional musicians perform and attend productions and concerts to inspire.

As a department we promote inclusion and diversity through the music studied in the varied curriculum, where we contextualize the lives of the musicians. Opportunities for extra-curricular activities are offered to all students. During lessons all students are given the same chances and choices, no matter what their previous experiences.

Through their experiences in school music lessons and extra-curricular activities we hope students will cultivate excellent performance and appraising skills and that we break down any misconceptions about the subject. Most importantly we strive to develop a lifelong love of music!

Values in Music:

  • Students develop Endeavour through responding to new musical challenges and producing high quality performances, compositions and appraising work.
  • Students Collaborate in almost all ensemble performance situations. This can be in small mixed groups in the classroom or in mixed year extra-curricular activities where students work and support each other to make music as a group.
  • Students demonstrate Compassion by being respectful of others performing within school. They learn about the emotional impact that music can have on them and others.
  • Students show Resilience through continual practice during their curriculum lessons and in their own time. They learn not to give up and how to practise to make progress with the music they choose to perform.
  • We Inspire students by showing them performances/ compositions of world class musicians, young musicians, and high attaining Benton Park School students. Music is chosen from a wide variety of genres and historical/ social contexts.