D&T and Food

Design and Technology

The Design and Technology department is determined to develop students who have the skills required for their next phase of study or work. These skills will be valuable to all students across a range of different subjects and careers. Students develop an understanding of and gain inspiration from a varied range of designers and design movements. They develop designs that meet the needs of their client, the environment and society as a whole. Successful students in D&T are creative and resilient. They are able critically to evaluate their own ideas and determine how they can be further developed. Students work with independence or as part of a team to analyse design problems and find effective solutions through iterative design.

Values in Design and Technology:

  • Students develop resilience through the development and testing of their own design proposals. Where an idea is not successful, they learn to evaluate what went wrong and use the findings to develop an improved solution
  • Collaboration is an important part of being successful in D&T. Students learn to share skills and ideas, as well as tools and equipment
  • Tomorrow’s designers can learn a great deal from great designers of the past. Students are inspired by the work of famous designers and design movements.
  • Great designers understand they must consider social, moral and ethical issues when designing. Students become compassionate designers who understand the impact products and technology can have on people and the environment.
  • Realising a design idea takes determination. In D&T, students must endeavour to overcome obstacles to find effective design solutions for their client.

 Food Preparation and Nutrition

The Food Preparation and Nutrition course teaches students an array of culinary techniques, as well as knowledge of nutrition, food traditions and kitchen safety. By the end of the course students have accumulated a range of skills that can equip them for life. Students work independently to plan, prepare and cook meals and understand the nutritional value of them. Students learn the importance of endeavour as they develop their own recipes and dishes. Working in a busy kitchen environment, students need to collaborate to ensure they use a range of equipment safely and effectively, creating high quality outcomes.

Values in Food Preparation and Nutrition:

  • Students develop being resilient by trying out new recipes and making modifications.
  • If they are unsuccessful, they endeavour to try again and learn from their mistakes.
  • Students work collaboratively by taking part in group assessments, planning presentations and producing meals that complement each other.
  • A Food student is actively encouraged to inspire and be inspired by the many great chefs that are so widely accessible now. Taking an interest in eating out or watching cooking programmes as an educational tool is actively encouraged.
  • Students show compassion towards other people’s dietary needs such as religious requirements or personal beliefs.