Art Department Curriculum Intent & Values

At Benton Park School, we recognise the fundamental role of Art and Design in nurturing creativity, curiosity and self-expression, complimenting and developing resilience, confidence and critical thinking. The Arts give us a rich picture of the world, from which we can make moral, cultural and aesthetic judgements. It is our ethos that Art and Design enriches every subject area bringing learning to life. In creating a wide range of products and artwork, students from all backgrounds can express themselves in a vibrant and dynamic environment that embraces the Arts from all opportunities, walks and aspects of life.

Throughout each Key Stage, our curriculum introduces every student to a wide range of art and artists from different periods and cultures. This in turn creates world citizens with an effective understanding of how Art impacts and enhances societies and our surroundings. High priority is given to promote opportunities for discussion, commentating on what we have seen, and talking through ideas and plans for our own work. Every year, there is a clear progression of skills, which build on prior learning, such as the increasing mastery of tools and techniques.

The impact of our Art Curriculum will equip students to be creative risk takers, evaluators, reflective practitioners and engaged learners. They will have knowledge of Arts and Culture, will have developed preferences and aesthetic choices, leading to an enjoyment and appreciation of the Arts which will have a positive life-long impact.

Values in Art:

  • Students develop resilience by exploring ideas and refining their work, experimenting with appropriate media, techniques and processes to present a personal outcome.
  • Collaborating with our peers is a bedrock of the creative process in Art & Design. Students routinely collaborate through critiques, photographic shoots, modelling compositions and assisting others in realising their intentions.
  • Inspiration comes from the wide range of artists, cultures and the sources students are exposed to. Artists such as Luke Dixon and Elly Smallwood engage students who then go on to develop ideas through creative and purposeful investigations.
  • Art & Design students develop compassion by critically analysing an artwork’s narrative and conveying ideas, meaning and emotions in response to a given or self-defined brief.
  • Art & Design students endeavour to create personal, artistic outcomes that develop through investigations and individual intentions.