Psychology aims to develop an understanding of the world and the individuals within it, recognising factors that drive the behaviour of individuals and society. This should aim to develop empathetic students that are effective members of an inclusive and diverse community. As part of this curriculum students gain knowledge of how theory and research can be used to create change for individuals and social groups, with an appreciation for the impact change has on people’ s quality of life and the economy. Alongside their psychological knowledge, students will develop the skills needed to scientifically investigate behaviour and critically assess ‘truth’, distinguishing between common sense knowledge and factual knowledge. Students therefore learn how to be proactive and effective psychologists and develop the skills necessary to continue on to psychology related degrees and apprenticeships. A course in psychology provides a foundation of knowledge that should empower the individual to take the next steps in their future with the knowledge necessary to make good decisions, show respect to their peers and take a positive approach to their own well-being. The knowledge and experience gained should contribute towards the development of responsible & effective citizens that are able to respect the diversity of our world and critically assess their environment with an open mind.  One advantage that comes with the subject of psychology is an understanding of how the brain and memory works. As such, memory and retention strategies are actively used and discussed as part of lesson pedagogy, and students are able to use this knowledge to inform and develop their own private study and revision techniques.