Applied Science

What will I Study?

UNIT 1 – Key concepts in science (Assessed by exam)
You will develop an understanding of key concepts relating to
biology, chemistry and physics. You will use practical work to
reinforce knowledge and develop your practical skills.

UNIT 2 – Applied experimental techniques (Research
You will be introduced to new experimental techniques,
reinforcing methods met previously and developing practical
skills including accuracy and precision.

UNIT 3 – Science in the modern world (Assessed by exam)
You will analyse and evaluate scientific information to develop
critical thinking skills and understand the use of the media to
communicate scientific ideas and theories. Learners will also
find out about scientific careers through the different roles
scientists undertake in scientific organisations.

UNIT 4 – The human body (Assessed by exam)
Learners will develop knowledge and understanding of the
structure and function of the digestive system, the
components of a balanced and imbalanced diet and the
effects on health.

UNIT 5 – Investigating science (Research portfolio)
Learners gain the opportunity to undertake the role of a
research scientist, following standard procedures to complete
a scientific investigation.

UNIT 6 – Organic chemistry (Research portfolio)
Learners are introduced to preparative organic chemistry in a
wide range of contexts, including pharmaceuticals, dyes and
bio-diesel. Learners will synthesise organic compounds and
will develop practical chemistry skills and techniques.

How will I be Assessed?

A combination of coursework and exams as outlined above.

Each unit contributes an equal amount to the A Level.

Minimum Entry Requirements
  • Combined Science grade 5-5 or better or any two Separate Sciences at Grade 5 or above.
  • Mathematics grade 5
Possible Progression Pathways

A-level Applied Science is a good choice for students considering higher education in any Science-based course, including:

  • Biochemical Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Food Technology
  • Human
  • Physiology
  • Nursing
  • Sports Science
  • Materials Science
  • Medical Physics
  • It can also be a useful subject when considering Higher Level Apprenticeships particularly those in scientific fields