In Sociology, we aim to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the social world around them and the ability to recognise the environmental factors affecting the behaviour of individuals and groups, and by extension, society. Through the study of sociology as an evidence based approach to understanding social phenomena, our students will develop an appreciation for the causes, impacts and subsequent consequences of societal change on the structure of social institutions such as the family as well as on individuals and specific groups of people. This includes the impacts of social policy and political decision making.

Through their study of sociology, our students will develop the necessary skills to scientifically investigate society, critically assess evidence and consider solutions to today’s societal issues. Through empowering individuals with a wider knowledge of society, we aim for our sociology students to be responsible, effective citizens who respect diversity in society and critically assess their own role within it. Whether or not students choose to continue their sociological study post-18, students will be equipped with a greater understanding of the challenges facing individuals and groups beyond their own experiences.