At Benton Park School the Mathematics department has 5 key aims that run throughout the delivery of our curriculum:

1) Mathematically fluent – Students are numerate and capable of applying this numeracy confidently in contexts outside of the classroom.

2) Enjoyment – Students have a love of the beauty and logic of mathematics and appreciate maths in a wider context.

3) Analytically Critical – Students can analyse and question material presented to them, they are able to have the mathematics available to question the world around them and apply this to solve problems.

4) Facilitating – Students are equipped with the mathematics they need to apply to other disciplines in academia be this geography, psychology, science or business.

 5) Disciplinary Mathematics – Students are able to develop a deep understanding of mathematics and are provided with the strongest disciplinary knowledge to access the highest secondary school maths and beyond.

These experienced aims help to create the climate for learning, opportunity and success within our curriculum.