English at Benton Park School: The Power of Meaning.

Students will leave Benton Park School as great communicators, confident debaters, analytical thinkers, empathetic readers and thoughtful writers.

There are three important ideas or ‘pillars’ that underpin the study of English:

POWER: Language is power. If you can communicate ideas clearly, you can be persuasive, encouraging, helpful, informative and analytical. You can see how powerful language can be in the texts we study; and then you can demonstrate your power in your own writing.

MEANING: The root of success in English is being able to understand what texts MEAN. What message is the writer trying to give you? How do you know?

ACCURACY: In order for your communication to be powerful and to ensure that you communicate effectively, your writing must be clear, correct and coherent. It must make sense! You will need to be aware of how to ensure your writing is accurate and learn to self-correct and be aware at all times.