Religious Studies Curriculum Intent and Values

The Religious Studies and Philosophy curriculum at Benton Park School aims to develop students who are respectful, reflective, empathetic, tolerant, well rounded and knowledgeable. We wish them to be able to analyse and evaluate different points of view in an articulate way, as well as being able to confidently articulate their own values and beliefs and understand how they may differ to the beliefs and values of other individuals. The curriculum aims to develop students who are well-informed and who understand how religion, morals, ethics and philosophy have influenced and continue to influence the world in which we live in many different fields: from medicine, law and order and taking care of the environment, to the role religion played in the ancient world and continues to play in society today.

Students are actively encouraged to look at contemporary issues that are affecting the modern world and they enjoy debating, discussing and formulating their own views on topical issues such as crime and punishment and care of the environment. They are given the skills to enable them to become tolerant, empathetic and inclusive citizens, by actively studying and making links to British Values throughout the curriculum.

Values in Religious Studies:

In Religious Studies, students develop:

  • Resilience by learning about the hardships suffered by historical figures as well as those effected by present day adversities. They discuss the skills and values required to be resilient and not give up.
  • Compassion by studying a range of role models such as Corrie Ten Boom and Oscar Schindler, who have shown compassion by risking their lives during WW2 to save Jewish people.
  • Collaboration by working together to explore, debate and discuss complex ethical and topical issues. They also learn about how religious groups work together to bring about change in society.
  • Inspiration by studying a range of inspirational role models such as Malala Yousafzai and Martin Luther King who have overcome adversity and fought for equality.
  • Endeavour by learning to formulate and structure their own opinions as well as evaluating the opinions of others, whilst developing the ability to be sensitive to the views of other and maintaining a tolerant and sensitive environment.