PE Curriculum Intent and Values

The Benton Park PE curriculum provides students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to excel in competitive sport and continue to participate in recreational sport out of school and in to adult life. The curriculum also aims to develop knowledge related to understanding the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle supporting students to maintain this into adulthood.

Our curriculum is underpinned by a very strong extra-curricular programme which gives students further opportunities to apply their skills in competitive sport, pathways to elite sport and to experience further recreational opportunities. As well as developing core skills and tactical awareness through various sporting activities, our curriculum also develops educational qualities such as leadership, teamwork and communication skills through sports leadership opportunities which are embedded throughout the years and disciplines. Character, morals, aesthetic appreciation and problem solving skills are also developed through this aspirational curriculum.

We provide a platform for children of all abilities to thrive in physical educational irrespective of their physical literacy and sporting capabilities. We therefore see our physical education curriculum as a medium to develop and educate the ‘Whole Child’. Structured and developmental progression models provide for challenge, progression and a sense of achievement. This understanding prepares our students to make positive health related decisions in the future.