Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum Intent and Values

The MFL curriculum aims to provide all students with a deep, broad, and academically rigorous education.  It places each student, and their identity and ambition at its heart, developing powerful core knowledge, fluency of communication and grammatical application which makes highly competent and confident language learners in each Key Stage. Alongside the academic rigour required to enable the highest academic ambitions of each child, the MFL curriculum supports our students’ development into responsible, global citizens.

Through learning all the elements of culture throughout the curriculum – from people, places, and customs to historical and social events, literature, music, art and religion – securing success in languages at Benton Park School supports students to find their voice, step beyond their comfort zones, and ultimately opens further opportunity in their academic and personal horizons. The study of languages promotes tolerance and respect for others, developing lifelong empathy and understanding of millions of other people in our world.

Values in MFL:

  • Students develop endeavour through grappling with extended authentic material in listening and reading, while developing extended speech and writing.
  • Through our RISKS homework strategy, students collaborate through the investigate projects.
  • Students develop compassion and understanding through interacting with our cultural hinterland curriculum particularly when developing their knowledge about historical events, religion and the cultural beliefs of the target country.
  • Resilience is incredibly important in studying languages and is developed through our consistent focus on students’ grammatical accuracy and fluency of application.
  • We take inspiration in languages through studying significant people, art, film, literature and music of the target country.