Drama Curriculum Intent & Values

The Drama department aims to harness students’ creative flair and achieves this through teaching Drama as a subject within its own right. We have developed our curriculum to provide exciting and diverse performance styles which generate a genuine love, Appreciation, and enthusiasm for the subject. Together we explore a variety of technique and scripts that encourage our students to take risks with their work, form opinions on theatre seen and made and unlock their potential in acting, directing, or designing.

The ambitious curriculum is underpinned with the knowledge, skill-set and practical experience needed for our students to go on to study Drama in further education. Moreover, the transferrable skills they learn are truly invaluable: confidence, teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, public speaking and leadership are all ways our students accelerate in Drama and can be applied to real life settings. Every lesson is uniquely planned to be inclusive for all students, providing opportunity and encouragement for all learners to flourish in Drama so that they form life-long appreciations for Drama, Theatre and the Arts.

Values in Drama:

  • In Drama, students endeavour to be the best performers they can be through lessons that incorporate challenge for all students.
  • In Drama, students collaborate for the majority of their lessons, working in groups to create, rehearse and refine performances that they will perform to their peers.
  • In Drama, students show compassion through watching and evaluating the work of others, taking on roles and showing empathy whilst understanding others’ needs and dispositions.
  • In Drama, students show resilience through the rehearsal process, taking risks in their practical work and implementing personal and group challenges to the work they create.
  • The Drama department and curriculum inspire students by highlighting all aspects of the subject and possible career paths, giving them transferrable skills to embed in their learning across school and using enrichment opportunities to inspire students to strive to create high quality performances.